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Before becoming a ThaiStar Polyfilm

“ Best Product, High Quality, Professtional Production, Certified by ISO 9001:2015 ”

ThaiStar PolyFilm - Stretch Film Manufacturer

Art is The Key of Focusing.

the painting will be great. It would be like a product ” When we pay attention to every production process, You will definitely meet the best product from our store.

ThaiStar Poly Film, Stretch Film Manufacturer and Distribitor

ThaiStar Polyfilm Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 as a manufacturer and distributor of Stretch Film. We have developed system on the  processing to bring higher quality products, in order to maintain its leadership in the stretch film manufacturing industry. We focus on improving the quality of products and services by continuously increasing potential in building skills of personnel and improving the technology of machines.

Later in 2011, ThaiStar moved to the new establishment  to obtain certification of requirement with the ISO standard ISO 9001:2015. The production room has been developed to be a Clean Room and Equipment with the Modern Machining Technology. We can assure you that Thaistar have an excellent production base and qualified employees.  We are a professional team in which everyone specializes in the perfect end result.


ThaiStar Poly Film, Stretch Film Manufacturer and Distribitor

Thai Star Poly Film Company Limited, Head Officr

Quality management system, Certification to International Standards

Product Quality Guarantee and Excellent Service

Professional Experience in a Production

We offer both domestic and international shipping services.

We, Thai Star Polyfilm have come across some really innovative products by new technologies with professional standards. Interested in getting to know more about us…...

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