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Stretch film



Thaistar Polyfilm

Stretch Film Manufacturer which has been trusted and become the first choice for Customers around the world"

“Before becoming a ThaiStar Polyfilm Art is The Key of Focusing. If we intend to draw, the painting will be great. It would be like a product “” When we pay attention to every production process, You will definitely meet the best product from our store.”

  • Stretch Film

    Stretch Film Made from LLDPE (Linear Low Densitypolythylene) with Higher toughness and Elastic Properties. We Ensures standard strength and Polyethylene with excellent transparency, one of the best films for packaging"

  • Stretch Film Hand Roll (12 Micron)

    Made from special raw materials which ensure Standard Strength, Prevent from strong penetration than stretch films 15 and 17 micron while offered in an affordable price for cost reduction. Stretch Film 12 Micron is the excellent transparency, one of the best films for packaging

  • Garbage bag

    Our Product are black garbage bags, light brown garbage bags, transparent garbage bags includ other color etc. red, yellow, blue, green, orange. We select carefully raw materials (plastic pellets) to product goods with high teach machines."

To Be a Great Leading Company, We focus on the process of Improving product & service quality. By Increasing the potential in manufacturing operations and capacity development include employee skills and manufacturing technology. Our company exports the best products and services to over 60 countries worldwide.


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